Access to support services for everyone

Psylio is publicly available through an app that can be downloaded and helps people who do not have access to an employee assistance program so that they can find effective solutions tailored to their problems.

Thanks to ISA technology, Psylio can adapt its interactions to an infinite range of physical, psychological and psychosocial needs. In terms of support, the benefits are undeniable.

Each individual exchanging with Psylio gets the help they need at any time of day or night.

Confidential interactions

Whether you use Psylio’s web platform or mobile app, our interface and database were designed to ensure your privacy.

Each individual has a password-protected user account. Privacy protection is at the heart of our technological development.


Nearly 85% of people who need support will never seek it out. This results from a number of factors—one of which is the human barrier principle, according to which an individual will be naturally reluctant to ask another person for help.

Support video clips

In addition to the exercises that will be suggested to you, video clips can also be made available. With an average length of 4 to 5 minutes, these clips ally a dynamic style with professional production and narration. They provide info about various health and wellness-related topics.

These are tools to better understand and manage certain situations, recognize precursory signs and identify possible solutions. Alcohol consumption, grief and cyberdependency are just a few examples of the topics covered.

Other available applications

An innovative EAP: front-line smart technology support

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Continuous interaction serving insurers and their partners

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