Continuous interaction serving insurers and their partners

An interface customized with your colours

Implicio’s interface is fully customized with the colours of the insurer or market intermediary who uses it.

ISA technology interacts with your customer, who is then in a continuous relationship with your brand.

Optimized dialogue with your customers

With its continuous interaction, Implicio collects, stores and analyzes a maximum of data about users.

This gives you access to the profile and specific needs of your customers in real time, throughout your relationship with them.

Unmatched performance and satisfaction

As an employee or partner of the insurer, you enjoy invaluable support in your day-to-day tasks.

Implicio facilitates your transactions, optimizes existing protocols, increases your cross-selling and maximizes your actions.

A new era is within range of the various areas of insurance

By combining technology, expertise, innovation and proactivity, Implicio provides the users, employees and partners of insurers, with a unique experience. ISA technology’s automatic data cross-referencing is extremely efficient and powerful; this optimizes processes and allows long-term monitoring of users.

Claims management

Disability management


Member assistance

Support for agents and market intermediaries

Direct sales support

Cross-selling support

And so much more!

In all sectors that use it, Implicio generates major savings and unparalleled process optimization

  • Basic licence

    This solution allows insurers or market intermediaries to create a customized online space to offer their products.

    • An integrated insurance product
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  • Full licence

    This formula allows insurers or market intermediaries to add several support and monitoring products within a single customized area. This licence also grants access to request analysis tools in order to offer various products to insured persons when following up on requests, thus promoting cross-selling.

    • An integrated insurance product
    • An administrator interface for receiving requests
    • Activation of the monitoring mechanism for insured persons who use the platform
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  • Additional licences

    This option lets you add one or more integrated insurance products to the administrator-client space created for insurers or market intermediaries.

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Other available applications

An innovative EAP: front-line smart technology support

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Access to support services for everyone

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