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The Company: Epsylio

Innovation at the heart of our expertise

Epsylio specializes in the design of interactive and smart web interfaces offering a new form of support to individuals. As a result of over 10 years of research and development, Epsylio presents ISA technology, a system unlike any seen before.

Concretely, Epsylio’s innovative technology is deployed in three applications and service categories: Epsylio, Implicio and Psylio. Each of them meets different needs in an integrated way. Read on to learn about them!

An innovative EAP: front-line smart technology support

Each year, more than 40% of employees and managers face difficulties that would require them to seek support. Yet, less than 10% of them resort to existing assistance programs.

Epsylio helps people who would never have asked for support so that they find an effective solution tailored to their problems. Thanks to ISA technology, Epsylio can adapt its interactions to an infinite range of physical, psychological and psychosocial needs. In terms of support, the benefits are undeniable, both on the administrative level and with regards to the optimization of organizational resources.

By deploying Epsylio in your organization, you multiply the assistance provided to employees and managers and take advantage of a true continuous intervention tool.

Continuous interaction serving insurers and their partners

A new era is within range of the various areas of insurance. Whether for claims management, disability management, tele-underwriting or sales, Implicio facilitates dialogue with customers and maximizes the satisfaction of everyone involved.

By combining technology, expertise, innovation and proactivity, Implicio provides the users, employees and partners of insurers, with a unique experience. ISA technology’s automatic data cross-referencing is extremely efficient and powerful; this optimizes processes and allows long-term monitoring of users.

In short, an insurer’s employees and partners (current providers, agents, market intermediaries, etc.) receive concrete support in their daily functions. Implicio makes their transactions easier, increases their cross-selling and lets them do more with less.

In all sectors that use it, Implicio generates major savings and unparalleled process optimization.

Access to support services for everyone

Nearly 85% of people who need support will never seek it out. This results from a number of factors—one of which is the human barrier principle, according to which an individual will be naturally reluctant to ask another person for help.

Psylio is publicly available through an app that can be downloaded and helps people who do not have access to an employee assistance program so that they can find effective solutions tailored to their problems. Thanks to ISA technology, Psylio can adapt its interactions to an infinite range of physical, psychological and psychosocial needs. In terms of support, the benefits are undeniable.

In addition to helping people individually, Psylio offers a range of services to insurers and their partners, rounding out Implicio’s features.

Each individual exchanging with Psylio gets the help they need at any time of day or night.

ISA technology

Connecting humans and technology

Artificial intelligence should not be a tool that reduces human beings’ importance. On the contrary! We develop solutions that facilitate communication between existing technologies and their users while considerably multiplying their scope.

Our artificial intelligence core ISA (Interface de soutien assisté, or assisted support system) is based on many technical feats enabling continuous interaction with users, increased understanding and real-time intervention.

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